Teenage sprinter Lythe Pillay shared his story of how he recovered to defend his 400m national junior title after he got infected with the Covid-19 virus.

Pillay tested positive four weeks before the ASA Junior national championships last month, and he only had one week to prepare for the championships spending three weeks in hospital.

“Prevention is always better than cure but if you do contact Covid this best thing is to rest. Rest and take all the time you need to recover because it does infect the long term consequences of going back training too soon….It can be (you know) detrimental in a long run.

“Rather be safe than sorry I mean there is always another season, another race to try on, and another opportunity to go for your goals so I will say patience is key” said Pillay sharing his recovery journey

The 19 year-old professional runner has represented his country at the World Junior Championships in Nairobi, Kenya, and in Olympic Games in 2021.

He is currently preparing for the 400m event at the World Junior Championships in Cali, Colombia in August.

The rising sprinter said he idolizes WaydeVan Niekerk, however does not see himself as the next Wayde, he wants to create his own path.

By Charles Baloyi

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