Seasoned 400m hurdles star Wenda Nel (33) will retire from the sport after 13 years, at the end of the athletics season. Nel is looking for her 10th national title at the ASA Senior national track and field championships at Green Point Athletics Stadium in Cape Town.

At her last championships, she hopes to bow out with a title: “I’m filled with lot of emotions at this moment I think Knowing it’s my last Championship obviously that it’s a bitter-sweet feeling but I’m very excited to compete with young sister, it’s going to be an exciting race to push each other to great times, even times hasn’t come we chase the title so eeeh I’m looking forward to the very exciting race I believe I’m the one walking away with my 10th title and I will fight”

Nel is handing over the baton to the young sprinters Zeney Van der Walt and Bield Taylon. She hopes they will take the event forward and run a faster time. She ran her race and confident she left the event in a healthy state.
“To be honest I’ve been waiting for them to come through and start, yaah I’m looking forward to the three of us…not just me, there are some other incredible hurdle athletes coming through so it’s becoming a very exciting event so I’m looking forward to see where we can push each other”
Nel admitted that she is an emotional individual and could cry when she runs in her final 400m hurdles final at the ASA Senior track and field championships tomorrow.

By Charles Baloyi

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