Former Proteas captain Graeme Smith broke his Silence on his vindications and confirmed that he is fully cleared from all the racial and discrimination claims levelled against him by Cricket South Africa’s (CSA) Social Justice and Nation-Building (SJN) report.
The independent arbitrators Adv Ngwako Maenetje SC and Adv Michael Bishop found that there was no evidence to support uncertain findings that Smith had shown racial prejudice in the instances listed against him and therefore cleared him in their ruling.

Following the ruling the former CSA Director of Cricket Smith says:
“I’m grateful that my name has finally been cleared. I’ve always given South African cricket my utmost, as a player, captain and administrator, over the last 20 years. So, to hear these baseless allegations of racism being made has been extremely difficult, both for me and my family.
“It has been exhausting and distracting, not least because South African cricket has also been going through a well-publicised rebuilding process which has required a lot of attention.
“I’m just pleased that we have now gone through a robust arbitration process before independent, objective arbitrators and I have been completely vindicated.”

Smith’s attorney David Becker had this to says:
“Unfortunately there were a multitude of opportunistic claims and insinuations made before the SJN which were not properly tested and were clearly false.
“The allegations made against Graeme Smith in particular were made by a small group of disgruntled individuals with an obvious agenda to tarnish his good name and have him removed as the Director of Cricket.
“These vexatious claims and insinuations were serious and defamatory. Graeme has every right to feel aggrieved by these personal attacks. However, it is a testimony to his character and leadership that he has held his head up high throughout this process, focused on the job at hand and continued to play a hugely significant role in assisting South African cricket.
“Graeme remains enormously grateful for the opportunity to serve South African cricket.”

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