Chippa United chairman Siviwe Mpengesi released a statement to the effect that he withdraws his candidacy for the South African Football Association (SAFA). Mpengesi better known as Chippa indicated the reason behind his decision to pull out is to continue with his work in SAFA regions, while pointing out that a PSL club chairman are not eligible to stand for Presidency.
While assuring the regions that he will continue to dedicate himself to assist football development in the country, in his statement Mpengesi says: “When I decided to challenge for SAFA elections in the upcoming Congress. It was never about getting the position at all costs, it was about working with all Football leaders for the betterment of football development. I was pushed by my passion to be involved in the grass roots level. It was about mobilising resources to equip football administrators for the betterment of the game.
After a careful consideration I decided to no longer contest the elections, I have taken a decision to continue to work with the SAFA regions as I did in the past. I will seek to work with the SAFA leadership that emerges on many programs which are aimed at improving the lives of youngsters on the ground level”

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