SAFA president Danny Jordaan has announced that Banyana Banyana will receive a R400 000 windfall each, totaling R9.2-millon overall, if they win in the Women’s Africa Cup of Nations in Morocco next month. According to Jordaan, this is a benchmark incentive agreement

“We are going to pay R9.2 million in bonuses for this team, on the basis that they win the (Women’s) AFCON. So if they win (Women’s) AFCON we will pay R9.2 million and if you look at the other cost in other words our investment in this team for specifically this (Women’s) AFCON is R10 million.

“This is our commitment, our confidence in Banyana Banyana and let me just tell you this, R10 million is the highest paid amount ever paid in national team-men and women so you have broken the barriers, you have the highest amount paid for any national team in the history of South African football” Jordaan explained.

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SAFA chief financial officer Gronie Hluyo flanked CEO Tebogo Motlanthe to break down the bonus structure that is going Banyana’s way ahead of their opening game against Nigeria on 4 July and then Burundi as well as Botswana in Group C.

Motlanthe also responded to questions around how far SAFA was in ensuring equal pay for both men and women.

“Look, it’s where we are going as the association we want to emphasize that’s where we would like to see ourselves but of course it depends on number of issues which others are external, for instance with what we can do daily allowance we have equated what we give Bafana on the Issues of payment we still knock at the commercial partners doors and you know it has been a dificult task but we keep on pushing and we hope one day It will be real because that’s what we are pushing, we want equal payment for players” Motlanthe told the media.

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Speaking on behalf of the Banyana players, captain Refiloe Jane says the announcement was timeous given the AFCON was just around the corner and negotiations had been dragging for sometime now.

“You’ve always said that when we going to the tournament you want to focus merely on just playing we should sort out all the issues that we have before the tournament begins and I think this was one of the issues that we had and for you to come and honour us, give this promise it’s the kind of the motivation to the team and I know besides that motivation of wanting to receive the money we also want to go out there and represent our nation with pride.

“We know that we representing not only ourselves but our families, our friends and other players who are playing in the leagues and the upcoming players who want to see themselves playing for Banyana Banyana one day.

“So with that we wanna say thank you very much and I think that will show in the field of play the commitment that has been shown from the association and from ourselves.

“And with the contracts that still have to be signed it’s a back and forth thing and I think by the time this tournament starts its gonna be a final thing, nothing is gonna be left unresolved” said Jane.

By Mazola Molefe

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