Confederation of African Football(CAF) President Patrice Motsepe finally broke the silence why he could not back his fellow country man and SAFA President Danny Jordaan for the COSAFA Presidential position.

Speaking during the COSAFA Annual General Meeting, an elective congress in Windhoek Namibia Saturday, Motsepe addressed a matter which has been bubbling under in football politics.

Jordaan was on the ballot of the COSAFA elections were scheduled for December last year, going up against the newly elected COSAFA President Artur Silva from Angola.

However those elections were postponed and the process of nomination started from scratch.
In this next round of nominations, Jordaan dropped out and Silva went ahead unopposed.

Motsepe likened the COSAFA situation to the recent elections in Ivory Coast.

“Some of the people said to Danny Jordaan- Danny Jordaan you must stand as president of COSAFA and then they said to me what is my view, now I’m the president of everybody the same message I gave in Côte d’Ivoire is the message I give here, I told the people in Côte d’Ivoire because in Côte d’Ivoire there was a perception that there was a candidate that CAF and FIFA want- absolute nonsense, the only candidate I want is the candidate of the people of Côte d’Ivoire and I can tell you the only candidate that FIFA wants because I’m vice-president of FIFA and when I’m at FIFA the position of Africa is clear” vexed Motsepe explained.

The speculation had been rife in the football circles this week that Jordaan had been forced to withdraw and the reasons behind that were no divulged.

With Motsepe already a CAF President and coming from South Africa, it was always not going to be easy for SA to be in charge in the region as well.

Motsepe says he supports any candidate that is backed by the majority in the region.

“I wanna go back to Danny Jordaan, I said well I will not get involved in terms of identify or promoting or advancing or lobbying, I should not.
And then they said to me ‘okay fine if you are neutral…’- now I must stand up and say I don’t support Danny Jordaan, I can’t do that either. I can’t say support him neither can I say I don’t support him, you know why? Cause I got confidence the candidate that you choose is my candidate” said Motsipe.

The CAF president has also thrown his weight behind Silva, and he says by supporting they are also throwing a message that Africa belongs to all the people and language groups who live in it, even if the Portuguese speaking people are a minority on the continent.

By Velile Mnyandu

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